4 Open source software for PDF file

Nowadays, you can find a lot of open source software on the software market, of course, they can’t be as powerful as commercial software, but the better is they are free, however, in fact you can find that some open source software is also very powerful.

Pdf files are very popular these days. Many e-books use the pdf file format, furthermore, you can find that many files exist in office field.

We’ve collected some open source pdf tools on the internet, and here’s a brief introduction to them.

open source software for pdf files

1 Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF focuses on pdf reading and viewing. The software is very small, not very functional, but it runs very fast.

This software has all the features that a typical pdf reader needs. This software is very prominent In display effect. Someone compared this software with foxit reader, found that the display effect of Sumatra PDF is better than foxit reader.

If you just only need to read pdf files, this software is a good choice. In addition to supporting shortcuts such as page down and page up keys for page flipping, the software also supports shortcuts such as P, N, G for page flipping.

What I like the most about this software is that the installation files are particularly small and support portable.

Furthermore, the software supports common file formats for reading e-books besides PDF format, it also includes eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book.


2 LibreOffice

This software mainly deals with the file format of office and is functionally comparable to Microsoft’s office.

In addition to the ability to process files such as Word, Excel, the software can also edit pdf files.

In editing pdf files, the function is very powerful, even better than foxit pdf editor in some fields.

With LibreOffice, editing pdf files is as convenient as editing word files with office, and you can edit them directly and intuitively on pdf files.

In addition, the general pdf editor, many do not have the function of editing pictures LibreOffice includes a picture editor, you can edit images directly in the pdf editing interface.

If you want a better and more powerful editor, see here.


3 Wkhtmltopdf

Have you ever thought about converting the contents of a web page directly into a pdf file? Wkhtmltopdf software can do that.

Wkhtmltopdf can be entered directly from the command line to help you quickly convert your web page to pdf file format. The software internally uses the QT webkit engine as the core engine. Wkhtmltopdf supports many operating systems because qt already supports multiple operating systems.

However, the software does not have a comfortable user interface, only through the command line to achieve the conversion of the pdf, a relatively simple function


4 PDF Split and Merge(PDFSAM)

For pdf file editing, in addition to editing the text and pictures inside, sometimes it is necessary to merge and split the pdf file. The main function of Pdfsam is to merge and split pdf files. After years of development, PDFSAM has supported more features, including bookmark merging, rotating pages, and exporting pages.

The software has a very friendly user interface and is very simple to use.

Furthermore, the software is implemented internally in java, and naturally supports multiple operating systems that can be run on windows and mac as well as linux.

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