4 powerful PDF Editor software

The Pdf format is very popular now, a lot of files are in pdf format, and if you are a kindle user, you may be reading an pdf eBook.

To make pdf files, it is very easy if you have good software as your tools. There are a lot of pdf editing software on the internet, but in fact, you can’t find a lot of software that is excellent in the quality and function.

Here are some examples of powerful pdf editing software. Of course, these powerful software is shareware, not freeware.

powerful PDF editor software

1 Adobe acrobat pro

As we all know, the PDF file format was developed by adobe, so adobe’s own pdf editor is certainly the most powerful.

Acrobat can easily support everything you can think of for a pdf editor.

I think the most important thing is that Adobe is a great company. It has many great products, such as flash, and photoshop, while adobe’s pdf editing software can be seamlessly integrated with other products of Adobe.

In summary, adobe acrobat is recognized as powerful software in the area of pdf editing.


2 Foxit Phantom

Foxit is Microsoft’s partner, and each of its pdf software is very powerful and has a good reputation. Foxit phantom, as an pdf editor, is no less functional than adobe acrobat, and the installation files are much smaller than adobe acrobat.

As a pdf editing tool, the general functions include editing pdf files like editing word files, merging and splitting pdf files, creating protection information, and adding multimedia files into pdf files.

As a pdf editing tool, you can find all the pdf editing features in foxit phantom.

Personally, I prefer Foxit Phantoms to Adobe products.

The main advantage of Adobe is that it is a standards-setter, and its products can be seamlessly integrated with other adobe products.


3 wondershare pdfelement

Wondershare pdfelement, a commercial pdf editing tool, is much cheaper than the above two products, but you can find that the software is very powerful.

I personally feel that the above two products, they have an idea as the industry leader, so in the consideration of user comfort and ease of use, there will be some lack.

And wondershare as a rising star, its products can successfully occupy the market, is not to think of themselves as the eldest. It is more for the user, and the user needs an easy-to-use product more. Wondershare has successfully developed a marketable pdf editor product. This software is very popular, and you can get more information about it here.

If you are a beginner, I think wondershare pdfelement is more appropriate than the above two products.

For a pdf editing tool, I think the ocr functionality is very important. The ocr function of the wondershare pdfelement is doing well, at least better than the above two products. This is an important reason why I strongly recommend it to you.


4 iskysoft pdf editor

In fact, iskysoft is a subsidiary of wondershare, and its technology comes from Wondershare.But iskysoft will think more about ease of use for its users.

I think iskysoft products have a better interface than wondershare.

Iskysoft pdf editor also has the ocr capability, which is good because the technology comes from Wondershare.

If you don’t need the ocr feature, you can get a low-end version, both of which are described on the above page.


We described to you 4 very popular and powerful pdf editor software, of course, there are not just a few of the above products on the market.

More popular products, or more pdf tools, I think this site is more professional.

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